Vilicotel – Now, also on social networks!

Vizitați paginile software-ului de management hotelier Vilicotel pe rețelele sociale Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ și YouTube!

AMBO company’s flagship product for managing hotel operations, Vilicotel, enjoys now a new presence on social networks. While the program was already present on Facebook and YouTube, entirely new is its presence on Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

Why do we consider Vilicotel’s presence on social networks to be opportune?

A first reason, and we believe is the most important one, is to build a community interested both in the hotel management and PMS software on one hand, and in hospitality industry on the other hand. Of course, we would like to find in this community many existing users of Vilicotel to capture their feedback regarding the functional and technical aspects of the platform. A second reason, also very important, is linked to promoting the innovations implemented in the Vilicotel software platform. Hence, we would like to nurture the interest and loyalty for this brand by organizing sales campaigns for Vilicotel products and services at very attractive promotional prices.

To visit any of the Vilicotel software platform social networks please visit these sites by accessing them from the appropriate icons on the Romanian pages of website.

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